Woman was just starting new job when hit with wave of pain — but when she ran away — truth was crazy

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Klara Dollan was 23 years old and just starting a new job. She had been working in a bar for a couple months before getting hired as a sales executive, and she wanted to make a good impression.


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But as Dollan woke up at 4:00 am in the morning that day, she didn’t feel well.

At first, she thought she was getting her period, and that the strange pressure in her abdomen was just cramps. They were bad, but she was determined to get to work with a fresh face and great attitude.

It was just her luck that the first thing she had to go through that morning was an excruciating, two-hour meeting.

Meanwhile, waves of pain began to hit her every few minutes, and Dollan had no idea what was going on—she just knew that it was getting worse. She had a pen in her hand and bit down on it, and sometime during the meeting she gritted her teeth so hard, she snapped the pen in half.

Eventually, the pain was so bad Dollan, didn’t have it in her to power through it anymore. She apologized for needing to leave on her first day, and then ran home.

“I didn’t bother waiting for a reply, I just shot off,” Dollan said.

But her troubles were only starting.

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Once Dollan got home, she realized she had locked herself out. Her house keys were inside on the kitchen table—she was in so much pain that morning that she didn’t realize she’d left them.

Dollan was practically in tears as she called a locksmith and knew she was going to be in for a long wait.

“That’s the point where I wanted to cry,” she said. “He told me he would be 20 minutes—I knew that was wishful thinking.”

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Dizzy with pain, Dollan didn’t make it back inside her home until two hours later when the locksmith finally unlocked her house. She then realized she could have called an ambulance—but now there was sawdust all over the front of the house because of the locksmith’s work. In her pain-induced haze, Dollan decided she needed to vacuum it up straight away or her mother would comment on it.

Now, the pain had gotten even worse, and Dollan ended up screaming out in pain—causing her neighbor to come check on Dollan.


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When Dollan opened the door for her neighbor, the woman saw she was bleeding heavily. Dollan said it crossed her mind at that point that she might be having a miscarriage.

That wasn’t the case.

She screamed for an ambulance and her neighbor ran out to call for one—but at that moment, Dollan “had an instinct to push.”

So she pushed—and a baby’s head appeared.

Up until this point, Dollan had not a single clue she was pregnant.

“It’s a baby!” Dollan screamed. “Oh my God, it’s a baby.”

She felt nothing but shock. Then her neighbor ran back in, and the baby came out.

“The first thing I heard was the screaming—and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, thank God, I didn’t give birth to a stillborn,'” Dollan said.

Dollan didn’t even check for the gender of the newborn; she just wrapped up the little body in a towel and marveled at what had just happened. Then she waited for the ambulance, which took her to a local hospital.

Now, Dollan, who lived with her mother, needed to break the news to her. Her mother worked as a prosecutor, and Dollan was wary of interrupting her during an important moment, so she first texted her that it was important and she needed her mother to meet her in the hospital.

After all, how do you tell someone they’re a grandmother when they didn’t even know their child was expecting?

However, her mother’s texted reply asked where in the hospital she should meet Dollan.

“At that point, I had to tell her I was in maternity,” Dollan said on This Morning.

Then her mother said, “How is that possible? I saw you this morning and you weren’t pregnant.”

It turned out, Dollan had a “cryptic pregnancy.”

Most people know very soon after they’re pregnant, and there are a variety of symptoms that occur throughout the nine-month period.

But for Dollan, there were hardly any symptoms—at least nothing starkly discernable. She felt a few flutters in her stomach, but she often went to the restroom afterwards, and she said she chalked it up to having an upset stomach.

Most women gain over 20 pounds due to the baby itself as well as muscle in the womb, and additional blood and fluids. Dollan gained about 28 pounds and even went up one jean size, but she didn’t experience a pregnancy bump. At 6 feet tall, her weight gain was not very noticeable.

Even seven months into her term (below), Dollan didn’t exactly look pregnant.

Dollan soon learned that her story was not that unheard of. However, women who don’t realize they are pregnant are usually unaware because they are also overweight—which wasn’t Dollan’s case.

1 in 450 women in the UK don’t realize they are pregnancy until they are 20 weeks in, and 1 in 2,500 women are unaware until they go into labor.

Despite the surprise, Dollan has been adjusting to motherhood well with her healthy and beautiful baby Amelia.

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And now? Dollan says, “I have the BEST story.”