When the antenna stops working, they call in the repair guys—it was nuts!

October 19, 2017 5:53 pm, Last Updated: October 19, 2017 5:53 pm

This is one story you are probably not going to come across very often. There can be a million mechanical reasons as to why a repair person might get a call to fix something like an antenna that has stopped working. But whether it be worn out parts, weather damage, or a broken wire or two, this particular group of “fixers” will have a story they can now share forever.

Calling all antenna repair people—we have a problem!

The employees at Bear Creek Microwave Site made a call for help when their antenna had stopped working. As expected, the repair crew arrived on time and ready to do their job. They’d fixed many antennae before and had no reason to believe that they couldn’t fix this one.

The source of the problem, however, was completely unexpected.


When they removed the cover of the antenna dish, they could hardly believe what they were seeing. The antenna was filled with hundreds and hundreds of acorns—food being stored most likely by squirrels, they thought.

But they soon discovered that the likely culprits stuffing the antenna with future meals were woodpeckers! These feathery little fiends had stashed their snacks to the brim, rendering the antenna useless.

This was one hefty load!

The time it must have taken for the birds to fill this antenna until it was completely full was mind boggling. No one knew for sure, but given the massive quantity and the time it took to empty the contents would suggest this was a long-term woodpecker project. It was the mother lode of acorns: about 300 pounds of them to be specific!

It’s raining acorns!

This is one you have to see to believe. These guys fully anticipated that would be the case, which is why they decided to record the “big event.” You can watch as they release the cover sending the mammoth pile of acorns falling to the ground.

H/T: Faith Tap