Blind man in search of Good Samaritan who saved him from what could have been a fatal accident

November 16, 2017 1:24 pm, Last Updated: November 16, 2017 1:24 pm

Mike Wyatt has a lot to be thankful for after a near fatal accident with a train.

Security footage shows Wyatt, who is blind, walking towards the train tracks when an unidentified man reaches out to grab Wyatt.

A man who has yet to be identified has been credited with saving Wyatt’s life.

Seconds after the man grabbed Wyatt and pulled him back to safety a train passed by.

“You live and you die,” Wyatt told KUSA. “It’s what you do in between, and this young man did a great thing for me and that’s what I want to say to him ‘thank you.'”

A few days after the incident Wyatt returned to the train station, this time he had a cardboard sign and stood on the platform where all of the passengers could see him.

Wyatt returned to the train station in hopes of finding the Good Samaritan.

(Global News/Screenshot)

Since Wyatt is unable to identify the man who saved his life he’s hoping that either someone who sees his sign or the man himself will stop and say something.

Every time passengers get off a train he asks, “Have you seen the young man who saved my life last Thursday?”

And just the thought that his Good Samaritan could be one of the people walking by gets him excited.

“I am so stoked right now thinking that guy is going to come down that ramp [from the platform],” Wyatt said to KUSA.

Wyatt plans to spend one more day looking for the man who saved him.

(Global News/Screenshot)

Even if the man who saved him never comes forward, Wyatt is still extremely grateful for his actions. He told KUSA that he’ll always remember that day and will be forever thankful to the man who unknowingly gave him the chance to see his seven grandchildren grow up.

“It really feels like someone is watching over me,” Wyatt told KUSA.