Neglected goat is rescued, but refuses to eat for days—see the heartbreaking reason why.

November 16, 2017 12:19 pm, Last Updated: November 16, 2017 1:52 pm

When you move away from someone you’re close to, it’s an emotional experience, even, so it seems for animals.

Mr. G the goat was rescued from an animal hoarder, and taken to the Animal Place, an animal sanctuary located in Northern California. Even though he was rescued, there was still something wrong with Mr. G.

Mr. G refused to eat anything after his rescue; he spent days moping around and his rescuers couldn’t figure out why.

(Animal Place/Screenshot)

He appeared to be healthy, but he was just simply depressed. He had laid in the corner of his new home, and didn’t move one bit. After a few days, it had become apparent as to why he was acting like this.

The goat had grown up and lived with a female burro named Jellybean, and Mr. G’s rescue had separated him from his friend.

In their harsh living conditions, Jellybean had stuck with Mr. G throughout their ordeal. An Animal Place staff member said how when they were split up, even Jellybean “brayed and cried a lot.”

It’s clear that the two had been through a lot together. The rescuers put the pieces together and realized that Mr. G and Jellybean severely missed each other, like two best friends would if they were split up after being inseparable for years.

So the Animal Place decided to take action.

A volunteer drove a 14-hour round trip to pick up Jellybean and bring her all the way up to where Mr. G was.

(Animal Place/Screenshot)

The Animal Place said themselves that they had never picked up a burro before, but they had made an exception for this situation.

Mr G. heard the burro being unloaded, which made him perk up for the first time in days! Once she was put into his area, he couldn’t contain his excitement, and ran around. It’s like her presence had immediately rejuvenated him.

(Animal Place/Screenshot)

Mr G. wouldn’t leave her side once they got back together.

And the best part was that 20 minutes after they were reunited, Mr G. started to eat again!

(Animal Place/Screenshot)

This is an example of how animals can feel just as much as humans do. Mr G. was so distraught from missing his best friend that he had no motivation to do anything. But when Jellybean came back into his life, it gave him a new lease, especially as now he’ll also no longer be neglected.

The goat and the burro are still the best of friends.

(The Food and Farm Show/Screenshot)

Wherever one goes, the other goes too.

Watch the reunion here:

And watch the backstory here: