Their little girl came home from school saying she was engaged—it was a real diamond ring

November 16, 2017 4:13 pm, Last Updated: February 23, 2018 1:55 pm

When a child tells their parents their significant other has asked them to marry them, a parent’s general reaction is one of excitement and joy—but not Millie’s. Millie’s parents were a bit taken aback, and it wasn’t only because they thought she was too young to get married.

In the video, which has received over 30 million views, Millie’s father asked his young daughter about her exciting day at school.

Millie had a big day at school — a boy proposed to her!


The little girl’s father asked her who proposed to her, and she said “Tommy,” with a smitten look on her face. Her father then told the camera that Millie said the boy proposed with a ring. How gentlemanlike!

He continued talking to the camera, explaining how he first expected that his daughter had meant the boy gave her a candy or toy ring.

Her parents assumed the boy proposed using a fake ring.

I said yes💍💍💍 #hariboring #notengaged #justkidding

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Millie’s father asked her to retrieve the ring, and while Millie went to get her new engagement ring, a woman in the background started to cackle like a hyena. As soon as Millie handed over the ring, it’s clear why the woman couldn’t stop laughing.

“Tommy has stolen his mother’s engagement ring!” Millie’s father said with as straight of a face as possible.

That does not look like a toy ring.


Tommy apparently proposed to Millie with his mother’s diamond ring! Hopefully, Millie’s family got it back safe and sound.

If this is the ring Tommy used to propose to his schoolyard crush, we can only imagine what he’ll propose with when he’s truly ready for a lifelong commitment.